Wednesday, April 27, 2022

A lonely love

 The first rays of sun kissed the window sill, and Mahesh got up from his bed. 

It was his off day and he felt happy to have the whole day ahead of him. 

Mahesh was an art lover and his off days were spent visiting art galleries, more so to kill all the boredom that comes along with his regular, routine life. Spending all day long in front of his laptop as a software engineer does nothing to refresh his soul, so he often finds these weekends as a respite and getaway to follow what he truly believes in, art. 

He got up from his bed and was all excited to get up and going. It was nearing 9 in the morning now. He was living in a single room lodge in Coimbatore. The place had a special ambience with lots of tea shops and by lanes filled with bustling energy. He had a look through his windowsill and saw people busy in their own worlds, some sipping tea and taking a drag from their cigarettes' while others rushing to places, god knows where. He indulged in the sight seeing for some time before getting ready to go out. 

He got ready quickly. Came down and grabbed a cup of hot coffee from the tea shop downstairs along with his normal routine of idly vada as breakfast. He went to the bus stop and was waiting for the bus there heading for Gandhipuram. He boarded the bus, reached Gandhipuram and got down from the bus. 

He strolled towards his destination, which is the art house of Gandhipuram. A place filled with beautiful paintings and artistic richness. He slowly entered the place and started walking down the aisle, enjoying each and every detail of the paintings. He was stuck in a painting for a while, marveling its beauty and almost lost the track of time. Suddenly he heard a voice which made him come back to the normal world. She said" I too love this painting, and often come back here just to see it". Mahesh looked sideways and there she was. "Yes, yes" Mahesh replied " A true piece of beauty indeed". 

Maya was her name and Mahesh was smitten by her the moment he saw her. Maya was just like a beautiful lady, straight out of a painting. He was in awe of this lady in such a short time and it was love at first sight for Mahesh. They had similar tastes of art and exchanged ideas about different paintings and art works adding more color to the world of Mahesh. Even though Mahesh had the whole day ahead of him to enjoy art, it was not the same for Maya. 

She had to go back to her house a little earlier than what Mahesh expected. This broke his heart, he wanted to spend more time with her. Now Mahesh was eager to get her contact number so that he can get in touch with her later. He was very shy and was hesitant to get it from her. "Okay Mahesh, its time for me to leave". Mahesh had butterflies in his stomach. It was a do or die situation for him. Either get her number or lose her forever. The fear of losing her got the better of him and he asked for her contact number. She smiled and replied " Do you know something Mahesh. I fell in love with you the moment i saw you. That's why I interrupted your thought process. That's why I took you away from your paintings, but now its time to put you back into the world of paintings as falling in love with you is impossible for me as i am a married woman. Sorry for disturbing your peace of mind. Now lets get back to our realties. She turned back and without uttering anything more, walked away from Mahesh. 

Yet another lonely love of Mahesh..

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